We all know that story we love to tell about Lake Worth. As a hub of Palm Beach County’s coastal communities, we have so much to be proud of – our vast public green (and beach) space, our exciting downtown district, ground zero to some of the best outdoor events South Florida as to offer, and, of course, our impassioned neighborhood associations, volunteers, and advocates.

But is that story crossing over our city limits? What is the story that potential new homeowners and new business owners who are thinking about planting their roots in Lake Worth hearing? And how about for those who just arrived?

You know the story they are hearing. It’s one that stretches back decades. It’s a story of mismanagement and missed opportunities. It’s a story of a crumbling infrastructure, insufficient public services, imploding general revenues, crippling utility bills, utter incompetence from the top down.

For how long are we going to allow that story to be told? We talk a lot about how Lake Worth is “on the right track” and about it’s “potential”, which is true and that which we have. But we are missing something very important: a comprehensive, unified, and objectified vision for the city that will carry us into the next decade, and beyond.

I’m not suggesting that I am the bearer of this grand vision. I’m saying you are: our residents, business owners, investors, stakeholders, public servants, neighbors – the current and future voters of the City of Lake Worth.

Without a vision, we will continue to be consumed by the old, tired story of Lake Worth. Let’s think big – audaciously, in fact – and together, write a new story of Lake Worth.

Tom Copeland Signature


What do we want in Lake Worth?

  • A vibrant and flourishing downtown and access corridors
  • Public services that over-deliver and create intrinsic value in the lives of residents
  • A recognition as a top destination for local, national, and international travel and tourism
  • Strengthened bonds between our Commissioners, staff, and neighboring cities
  • Above-average rated pre-k, elementary, middle, and high schools

What do we need to do to get there?

  • Public-private partnerships to develop empty public space, and neighborhood revitalizations
  • A comprehensive plan for Penny Sales Tax proceeds that creates the greatest possible ROI
  • Aggressive and consistent lobbying for additional state, county, and federal resources
  • Substantial investments in capital assets and 21-century technology
  • Expel crime, drugs, prostitution, and blight through re-development on Dixie/Federal

As your Commissioner, I promise to…

  • Work to develop a robust communications and marketing strategy for the City
  • Put your tax dollars to work for the highest and best economic return possible
  • Redevelop the Casino Complex within the context of our laws, and culture
  • Address infrastructure deficiencies and encourage new developments throughout the city
  • Listen and always put the majority will and the good of the city first


Who is Tom Copeland?

Bio, Resume, and List of Accomplishments

Born and raised in Jupiter, Florida, Tom Copeland is a marketer, youth advocacy volunteer, and Lake Worth resident since 2009. Tom met his wife, Tracie, at Brogues DownUnder that same year. They bought their first home together in South Palm Park in 2014.

Tom is the Marketing Director at the Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A., and he and Tracie own Copeland & Co. Real Estate, an independent real estate brokerage in West Palm Beach.

Tom has served on multiple non-profit boards for over a decade. He’s volunteered hundreds of hours and generously supported organizations over the years that include Urban Youth Impact and Junior Achievement.

From 2013 – 2015, he served on the Sustainability Advisory Board for the City of West Palm Beach, appointed by Mayor Jeri Muoio. Following completion of his two-year term, he shifted his focus to Lake Worth, serving most recently as the Chairman of the Finance Advisory Board for the City of Lake Worth.

In 2015, he and close friend Ricky Aiken founded Inner City Innovators, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on ending gun violence in the most violent gang-afflicted corridors of West Palm through mentorship and empowerment programs for youth 14-24 years old.

Tom graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. When he’s not working or campaigning, you’ll find him bouncing around in downtown Lake Worth, at the beach, or on a kayak in the intracoastal!