Campaign Kickoff Recap!

We had an incredible turnout at our Campaign Kickoff Party on Friday, November 9, 2018 at The Beach Club at the Lake Worth golf course! It was a beautiful night to be under the starts, overlooking the intracoastal. THANK YOU to everyone who came out, and those who expressed their support, but couldn’t make it.

Below is the the text from Tom’s campaign speech, and below that, is the video of the speech.

If you are supportive of this campaign…

Please consider first and foremost making a donation. To reach the most Lake Worth residents possible, we need as much money as we can raise as possible! Consider kicking in $10, $25, $50, or $100 using PayPal right now!

Also, we are looking for neighbors to volunteer their homes to host fundraisers between now and the end of the year, as well as those who are willing to host meet & greets in your neighborhoods. Let us know by emailing the campaign how you would like to help!

Finally, please share this video! Let your friends in Lake Worth know there’s a new City Commission candidate who is putting the future of Lake Worth first! Thank you!

Text from Tom’s speech

With more than ten years on non-profit boards, five years on citizen advisory boards for two different cities including Lake Worth, speaking with neighbors from every district in the city, dozens of hours in meetings with city department heads, publicly-elected officials in neighboring cities, and literally hundreds of hours in public commission meetings, I’m proud and excited to say attest I’m fully prepared to serve Lake Worth, and voters are prepared to embrace my candidacy to do so.

How do I know? We proved it here tonight! I’m sincerely humbled by the incredible showing of support from neighbors and locals, friends, family, and professional colleagues. It is truly an honor to be your District 4 Candidate, and I am committed to earning the privilege to serve you as your Lake Worth City Commissioner! For those who are capable and interested in doing so, I believe there is no better use of one’s time and skills than public service.

With this campaign, I’m bringing my time and skills to the widest and most diverse group of individuals I’ve ever had the opportunity of reaching: the residents and taxpayers of Lake Worth. We already know the issues and the challenges our city faces. A crumbling utility infrastructure. Underutilized public land. A suffering downtown. A perverse distrust of outsiders. A perpetually challenged budget and constricted tax base. Under-achieving public schools. A fear of progress.

Most crucially: a lack of unity and consensus among the current sitting Commissioners about what their focus for the City of Lake Worth should be. Let this campaign be the catalyst to encourage and empower our Commissioners to act boldly, decisively, and without fear of political retribution or consequence to establish a comprehensive and strategic vision for the coming decades.

A vote for me is a vote for:

  • The recognition that we need to invest and rebuild the electric power utility and grid
  • Neighborhood revitalization projects that drive out crime, and increase home values and home ownership rates
  • Redevelopment of downtown to increase density, and welcome new businesses and long-term residents
  • Redevelopment at the beach and casino complex that attracts tourism, and creates the greatest possible economic return on our publicly invested dollars
  • The demand that our elected leaders aggressively lobby our county, state, and federal representatives for appropriations and grants to help us prepare for the next decade
  • A seismic shift of our reputation among investors and future taxpayers of Lake Worth

This will be a fearless campaign. It will be a campaign for all the citizens of Lake Worth. For too long, the small but loudest minority in this city has manipulated the political maneuverings of our elected officials, incentivizing procrastination on the dais.

No longer will we be distracted by the past; no longer will we shy from the inevitable future. Join me in building our future Lake Worth, together. We’re #WorthIt!

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