Tom Copeland at the NAPC Candidate Forum

On Wednesday, January 23, 2019 the Lake Worth Neighborhood Association President’s Council held their annual Candidate Forum at the Lake Worth Playhouse. The debate lasted two hours, with candidates in the District 2 and District 4 discussing their positions on a wide range of topics important to voters.

Tom Copeland, Candidate for City Commission for District 4, laid out his positions on several subjects: the need for our City Commissioners to focus on economic development as the foundation for which our city can progress and grow, the need for a downtown parking plan, his hard line against rebuilding a pool at the casino complex without a visionary comprehensive plan, and why he’s for the name change to Lake Worth Beach.

Below are some clips from the debate, and a description on the topic. Enjoy!

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Tom’s Opening Statement

Tom on the CRA

Tom on the Electric Utility

Tom on Parking Downtown

Tom on “Lake Worth Beach”

Tom on Code Enforcement

Tom on Penny Sales Tax

Tom’s Closing Statement

Videos courtesy of Wes Blackman

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