Tom Copeland Addresses His Story in the Palm Beach Post

TO MY SUPPORTERS — As Election Day approaches, I want to start by thanking you for your unwavering support. As many of you know, someone began a smear campaign by posting unfaltering screenshots of old legal troubles dating back to 2003. My wife and I, as well as my campaign team assessed the situation and decided that a prepared video and personal statement was the best course of action. Although I am not at all proud of all my past transgressions, I am also not ashamed or embarrassed by them, as these experiences were integral to my personal development and maturity as a young man.

Yesterday, I was contacted by Kevin Thompson from the Palm Beach Post who requested an exclusive interview with my wife and I. At first, I did not want to do the interview. I did not want to further expose my family, friends, and campaign team to what felt like an irrelevant and painful personal attack on my character.

However, after some introspection, as I often take the time to do, I soon realized that this was an opportunity to tell my version of my story, something I wasn’t afforded last week.

So I agreed. In a long, in-depth interview, I told my story to Kevin, and how my unique life experiences have hardened me into a fearless leader. I described how, at the lowest and most vulnerable time of my life, I mustered the courage and immense emotional strength to change my life’s course, a decision that laid a foundation of moral aptitude that allowed me to become the generous, conscious, and selfless man I am today.

If it inspires even one young man or woman who can relate to the troubled and difficult circumstances I once persevered from, then this entire campaign and everything we’ve done was worth it.

This moment of intrepid courage – to be bold, to be vulnerable, to risk my professional and personal reputation in the hope that I can encourage and inspire others – this is my life’s purpose. The chance to reach a struggling young person with my story is why I’ve been so passionate about at-risk youth advocacy, providing a positive influence, and building communities over the last decade.

Thanks for reading, and for your continued support of this campaign. -Tom


Tom Copeland on the Man He Is Today with Ricky Aiken

A few weeks ago, Tom Copeland sat down with fellow co-founder and Executive Director of Inner City Innovators Ricky Aiken to discuss the importance of youth advocacy and curbing delinquency in our most vulnerable populations of young, at-risk men. Here’s that conversation.

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