An Open Letter to Lake Worth Voters

Tomorrow is Election Day in the City of Lake Worth, and this morning I find myself reflecting on my campaign to become your next City Commissioner for District 4. I launched my campaign a little over four months ago. The reason is many-fold, but perhaps the most important of all was that I felt un-represented.

My wife Tracie and I bought our house in South Palm Park in 2014, and we immediately joined the Lake Worth community. We became active in our neighborhood association, and I had the privilege of being appointed by Mayor Pam Triolo to the Finance Advisory Board, for which I served three years, most recently as Chairman.

I’ve met so many amazing people who have moved to Lake Worth around the same time we did. I found that as a community, we share an affinity for arts and culture, an appreciation of our many public assets such as the golf course and beach, and a sense of belonging in a place we can finally call home.

Sure, we have made progress over the last decade fixing the neglect of the past. Ask anyone who has been here twenty-five years or more. But, we haven’t been proactive in envisioning our future, and now is the time to do it.

I see a future for Lake Worth that is competitive among our neighboring cities for attracting and retaining the next generation of industry, small business, homeowners, and residents. I see a future for Lake Worth that bustles year round by investing in our downtown infrastructure, neighborhoods, and public amenities. I see a Lake Worth that leads by example, with City Commissioners who are willing to set bold and audacious plans that will allow Lake Worth to grow and flourish in the coming decades.

I envision the City of Lake Worth evolving today for a better tomorrow.

If you can join me in this vision, we can build the future of Lake Worth together. Please vote for me tomorrow to be your next Lake Worth City Commissioner for District 4. We are #WorthIt!

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Tom Copeland
Candidate for Lake Worth City Commission District 4

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